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The findings come from a Freedom of Information Act study conducted by endpoint security company SentinelOne . It submitted FOI requests to 129 NHS Trusts, of which 94 responded. All but two NHS trusts –Surrey and Sussex, and University College London Hospitals — have invested in AV security software on their endpoint devices to protect them from malware. But, despite installing a security solution, Leeds Teaching Hospital had suffered five attacks in the past year. No trusts reported paying a ransom or informing law enforcement of the attacks; all preferring to deal with them internally. Of 15 trusts that were able to provide further information about the origins of the attacks, 87 percent report that the attacker gained access through a networked NHS device, with 80 percent targeted by a phishing attack. Whilst the majority of these trusts were unable to identify their attackers, one confirmed it was organised cyber criminals with another believing the attack to be conducted by opportunistic hackers. “These Retweeted results are far from surprising,” says Tony Rowan, chief security consultant at SentinelOne. “Public sector organisations make a soft target for fraudsters because budget and resource shortages frequently leave hospitals short-changed when it comes to security basics like regular software patching. The results highlight the fact that old school AV technology is powerless to halt virulent, mutating forms of malware like ransomware and a new more dynamic approach to endpoint protection is needed. In the past NHS trusts have been singled out by the ICO for their poor record on data breaches and with the growth of connected devices like kidney dialysis machines and heart monitors there is even a chance that poor security practices could put lives at risk”.

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